Talent strategy

Talent strategy:

Hebei Naimo Pump Co. Ltd. is a professional production of slurry pump and spare parts company in recent years has been the rapid development of the overall production from single production to parts of slurry pump slurry pump, pump production to beinterchangeable packing pump production and other aspects have made certain from a single breakthrough and development. The reason is that we have been the introduction of talent, training and optimization of the configuration as a fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of the company. The company's long-term adherence to the "people-oriented, fair competition, talents and common development" principle, to provide a broad development space occupation for the majority of employees, through the competition mechanism of internal promotion, job rotation, job employment mechanism and competition, to enable enterprises to gather a group of talented people, the establishment of a high-quality pump product development, manufacturing, sales and management team.

In recent years, the company has developed a series of human resources development strategy:

1), in the company to create a broad space for career development and effective talent incentive policy, so that the company's employees are not only tense work pressure, but also to achieve their own values of vision.

2), the company will introduce talents as the fundamental for sustainable development of enterprises, the introduction of various talents not sticking to formalities, focus on the expansion of R & D, marketing professionals and experienced production staff.

3), and comprehensively improve the overall cultural quality, through the external culture, and constantly improve the company culture level, improve the overall quality and work efficiency.

4), to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, through the establishment of fair competition mechanism and good cultural environment, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of every employee enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, make the best use. The enterprise will be bigger and the staff's own development, realize their own value as a common vision, and ultimately to achieve the common development of enterprises and employees, and common development.

Companies adhering to the "people-oriented" concept of talent, focus on staff all-round development, scientific design for different job categories of occupation development channel and salary system, allowing employees to continuously improve their value in work!

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