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NL Series Light Duty Slurry Pump


L series light mud pump is designed to be used in low head and large flow conditions for continuous treatment of mud. Especially suitable for treating the slag slurry with medium abrasive and low solid concentration. L (R) series light mud pump is a smaller type of pump, used to deal with light mud (not thick mud) is relatively economic.

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1, Single-stage, single suction, cantilevered, centrifugal slurry pump, double pump shell horizontal
2, The use of horizontal, vertical and axial double pump shell structure, lining for the hard alloy with good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability.
3,The 3 series of heavy duty slurry pump impeller provides a variety of options, the specific requirements to meet a wide range of operating conditions and customer
4, Tubular structure bearing components, selection of high capacity bearing design, according to the need to use grease lubrication, oil lubrication in order to adapt to different conditions of use.
5, Can adjust the gap between the impeller and the guard board to ensure the efficient operation of the pump.
6, The seal can be selected according to the requirements of packing seal, vice impeller seal and mechanical seal, meet the requirements of different working conditions.
7, The pump and the driver can choose direct drive, belt drive, hydraulic coupling transmission, reducer.
8, The outlet direction of the pump can be rotated at 8 angles to adapt to different field installation conditions.
9, Can be used in multi-stage series

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