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NG Series Sand Gravel Pump


NG pump are designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive slurries that containing large particles which other Atlas pumps cannot handle, large passage inside casing make it the best choice for gravel, dredging and other applications where large particles needed to be handled, especially for big flow, high concentration, high head media.
Low NPSH requirement and robust design ensures long life under severe duties.

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NPSH Low requirements and robust design to ensure long-term living in serious responsibilities. Product performance

1, NG  series of gravel pump cantilever, centrifugal pump. The single pump shell structure to connect the cassette, is widely used in dredging, mining and mineral processing industries.
2, Wide channel: single pump shell, wide channel allows handling of large particles, to achieve a good anti cavitation and abrasion resistance
3, Tubular structure bearing components, selection of high capacity of bearing design, bearings with grease lubrication, oil lubrication is used to adapt to different conditions.
4, The pump head is fixed on the mounting seat by a few bolts, the user can adjust the clearance between the impeller and the guard board, and ensure the efficient operation of the pump.
5, Seal with packing seal, vice impeller seal, packing material and vice impeller seal, mechanical seal type, to adapt to different working conditions.
6, Pump and driving machine can be used with direct drive, belt transmission, hydraulic coupling transmission, reducer. Using a variety of speed and a variety of ways, so that the pump running under the best conditions. The service life is long, the operation efficiency is high, and can satisfy the transportation of various kinds of bad conditions.
7, Pump outlet direction can be installed at any one of the 360 degrees, in order to adapt to the different conditions of the installation of the site.
8, Bearing assembly - a short suspension of the large diameter shaft helps to reduce vibration and extend the life of the bearing
9, Shaft seal way choice: gland seal, centrifugal seal (vice impeller seal, dynamic seal and mechanical seal). The user can easily be replaced with another type of seal to fit the specific pumping application.

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