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NV Series Vertical Sump Pump


NV slurry pumps are designed for handling  abrasive and corrosive slurries whilst submerged in sumps or pit. The pump has no shaft seal, easy to maintenance and costless.
Hard metal and rubber parts are optional for different applications and interchangeable. Suit for most applications where sump slurry pumps are needed.
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1, NV  type liquid pump, single pump shell adopts a vertical cantilever structure, double suction, semi open impeller design.
2, Wet end (over flow parts) - shell, impeller, liner plate using high chromium alloy or rubber, wear resistance, corrosion, impact and erosion, by the metal or rubber parts can be exchanged
3, Tube bearing components, selection of high capacity bearing design, the use of grease lubrication.
4, Can adjust the gap between the impeller and the guard board to ensure the efficient operation of the pump.
5, Without any seals and seal water, also can work in the condition of insufficient intake.
6, Immersed in the mud below the level of the part can be made of metal or rubber.
7, NVR type liquid pump is characterized by the full coverage of rubber used to achieve the purpose of corrosion protection
8, Various models of the impeller is designed to handle different pumping tasks.

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