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NF Series Froth Pump


The NF Slurry Pump series are particularly designed to handle froth and high viscosity slurry in non-ferrous metal extraction where flotation process is utilized, the slurry which contains fine particles and fine dispersion of air bubbles need to be pumped from one flotation cell to another or to the next process, in these conditions the froth pumps are needed. Wear-resistance high chrome white irons or various elastomer molded wet parts are optional for different slurries.

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1, The pump head is a double pump shell structure, with high efficiency, wear resistance, stable performance, components can be replaced by the characteristics of the wet parts (parts) are interchangeable, with wear-resistant high chromium cast iron. Depending on your specific pumping task, we can use rubber and polyurethane as pump liners and impeller.
2, Work in the flooded mud, NF series of foam pump is usually used to transport abrasive or corrosive foam mud.
3, The funnel charging box for the steel structure, according to the different transmission media, can be covered with rubber lining
4, The pump can effectively eliminate the foam in the slurry. In the case of insufficient material can still work properly.
5, Do not need any shaft seal and seal water.
6, In the mud of the parts can be made of metal or rubber.
7, The pump outlet position can be 45 degree interval change.

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