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a new abrasion wear for slurry pump materials
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The slurry pump are widely used in the mining prosessing industry, the wear resistant liner which are made by the High Chrom Cast Iron or Rubber material has been proven to be practical and in most cases economical. However, the pump wear resesiant is still a highly important factor in the total economics of slurry handing.

With the furture improvement os science and technology, we have developed a new wear-resistant material for the slurry pump, this technology are used in the slurry pump, we called it ceramic slurry pump parts.

Ceramic slurry pump parts with material silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide-Si3N4-SiC have excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance. The corrosion and abrasion resistant of slurry pump parts highly exceed pump parts made by alloy of chrome molybdenum, nichrome and so on. The abrasion resistance of Si3N4-SiC material is 3.13 times as wearable as Cr15Mo3.However the weight of Si3N4-SiC material is only 1/3 of alloy parts.

Now, we can product the ceramic slurry pump parts used in the following type: 3/2C-AH, 4/3C-AH, 6/4D-AH, 3/2D-HH, etc.

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